Our dresses are ethically made in Egypt and Portugal with environmentally sustainable bamboo fabric. Inspired by ancient civilisations and mythology, our designs are timeless and versatile paving the way for a gentler, kinder world of fashion. Unleashing our very own transparency portal for you to view our supply chain by simply scanning the label on your dress with your phone.


Inspired by mythology and ancient civilisations, we  create divine, dreamy pieces that make every woman feel like the goddess she is.

The shapes, folds and softness of Lauren Razek designs celebrate the mystery of distant lands, elusive times, and ethereal myths that we believe are still imbued in the psyche and spirit of the goddess in every woman today.

Designs of divine and timeless beauty, each dress comes with its own enchanting story. One that began thousands of years ago and which you can be a part of today.


Our garments are made of sustainable bamboo fabric, which is luxuriously soft and resilient, while also mindful of the environment.  We create timeless pieces under the most ethical conditions, for eco-conscious people who care about people and the planet. 

We choose to work with low water use fabric and ensure the most sustainable process in its making. Our silk fabric is certified by Oeko Tex and Eco-cert, and our jersey fabric is certified by Oeko Tex and FSC Chain of Custody Certificate. Our tags and packaging are made of recycled materials. 

Our pieces are crafted carefully in Egypt or Portugal by experienced and dedicated dressmakers, who work under ethical conditions receiving just and equal pay and rights.

We counter fast fashion. Quality is one of our foundational pillars, as we create timeless and versatile pieces which will remain with you season after season and year after year.


Our dresses have their own DNA. With the use of technology, we show you how each piece is made and provide evidence when possible for accountability.

While our story begins in ancient times, it leads us to cutting edge technology of present day which we use to ensure the utmost transparency of our supply chain to our customers.

Each of our garments is embedded with a unique stamp within the label which, when scanned with a smartphone reveals the entire cycle of its creation. We offer ourselves as an open book for you to verify our values of ethics and sustainability.


We want to give back. Determined to help end violence against women, we will dedicate a portion of our profits for this cause and take any measures in our power to end it.

At Lauren Razek we are passionate about the empowerment of women. Every woman is entitled to a life free of pain, full of love, and to the opportunity to freely make her own choices and create her own journey.

We believe this begins with the right to live safely, free of physical abuse, and so have chosen to help free women from these deplorable violations that so many of them have to endure.

Lauren Razek was founded by a sister and two brothers, Lauren, Hassan and Dean. With an English mother and an Egyptian father, they grew up between two worlds. With over three decades of experience between them in over ten countries, covering three continents, here is a family that offers a unique blend of knowledge and experience.


Dean’s experience is a fusion of banking, philosophy and technology. He strongly believes people have the power to create the change they want to see in the world and is compelled to harness his knowledge, talents and expertise to set a new ethical standard in the world of fashion. He holds an Msc in Philosophy from LSE.


Lauren is an international development professional with 12 years experience leading change in urban and rural development, sustainable agriculture, partnerships and CSR. She holds an MSc in Urbanisation and Development from LSE.  Lauren has been an ethical fashion enthusiast for years.


Hassan gained experience in banking working for global banks in the MENA and the UK. His talent for finance led him to explore how to improve financial services to the unbanked, which sparked an interest in social sustainability. At LR, he found an opportunity to ally his experience with his personal appreciation for bespoke tailoring.